Guarantee & Service
How to order with us

(1) Neutral white box or neutral color box
(2) Customers’ brand packing

We can assure you that the quantity will be up to the purchase order by strict quality control process on our side. We guarantee good quality and agree1:1 replacement of the defective goods. We guarantee the prompt replacement for the defective product after defective confirmation.

Shipping can be made by sea or Air Express/air cargo internationally:
(1) Shipping by Air Express (to door) /air cargo (to airport): Shipment will arrive within 2-4 working
days from ex-factory date. We pride ourselves on our on-time shipping and delivery.
(2) Shipping by sea from Seaport (to port or to door): Shipment will take from 3 to 30 working days to
arrive depending on different destination.